How quick loans have changed private economy

You’ve probably heard about quick loans before, as they are frequently advertized by various loan companies on TV, radio and the internet on sites such as But the fact is that these quick loans are quite a new phenomena that hasn’t been around as long as you might thinkg. Before the internet, these loans didn’t really exist, and if you were in need of money, you would have to go to the bank and apply for a loan, and there we are talking about quite the complicated process before they will grant you your loan. With a quick loan, it’s the complete opposite, which is perfect when you need money fast and in a no-hassle kind of manner. Most of the time, you won’t have to specify the reasons to why you need your loan – Often times it’s enough just to let them know how much money you need and how long it will be before you can pay it back.

Always remember that a quick loan is exactly what it sounds like – A loan that you can take when you are in need of quick money, and usually for quite small amounts of money, with sums going up to about £1000 – you can read more about it at the swedish loan portal You should only apply for a quick loan when you know for certain that you will be able to pay the money back within the specified time frame that the loan company and you have agreed upon when you took the loan. Another important thing to keep in mind is that quick loans often have a much higher interest rate than most other loans, and this is why they are so easy to get. Therefore you should never take a loan unless you really have to, as you will in fact end up losing a bit of money by doing so. With this in mind, I wanted to take up two examples, one describing a situation where you should apply for a quick loan, and one where you shouldn’t.

Example one: Lisa have recently moved in to a new apartment, which she really likes. She has a good relationship with her landlord and everything is going smoothly for her. One day, she get’s a horrible toothache and has to go to the dentist, which sorts out the problem for her. Unfortunately, this leaves her with a huge bill which has to be paid for. Now, Lisa pays for the bill, but this also means that she does not have enough money to pay her rent in her apartment. The rent is due in a couple of days, but her salary doesn’t go into her account until a week and a half. In this situation, a loan is perfect, as she knows for a fact that she will be able to pay back her loan in time, and it’s worth the cost of the loan to stay on good terms with her new landlord.

Example two: Johnny has also moved into a new flat, which has cost him quite alot of money, but it has been worth it as he likes the flat so much. This month, he barely has enough to pay the rent, but he knows that if he lives cheap he’ll be able to do it. However, he soons finds it boring to be without a TV, so he starts contemplating whether to get a loan to buy it or not. In this situation a loan is quite hard to motivate, as he will inevitably lose money on the whole thing, so he’s much better off waiting until his eceonomy has stabilized before he buys his new tv.

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